Opalys 33% white chocolate Gourmet Creation beans 200 g





Opalys 33% white chocolate beans, Gourmet Creation.
Pure cocoa butter
Milky and Delicate.

Pure white in color chocolate, with a creamy texture and delicately sugared (11% less sugar than Ivoire white chocolate), Opalys reveals harmonious aromas of fresh milk and natural vanilla.

Repackaging by Labo&Gato.

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Opalys 33% white chocolate Gourmet Creation beans 200 g - Average rating: 10 - Best rating: 10 - Number of reviews: 5

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- Ganache chocolate: yes
- Coating: optimal
- Molding: yes
- Ganache patisserie: yes
- Mousse: yes
- Sauce: yes
- Ice cream and sorbets: yes
- Chocolat drink: yes
- Decoration: yes
- Glaze: yes
- Cream: yes

Tempering gragh: Melting T1 (45/48°C or 113/118°F) -> Crystallisation T2 (26/27°C or 79/81°F) -> Working T3 (28/29°C or 82/84°F)

Tempering technique (by l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat):
1 - Melt the couverture for 12 hours in order to ensure that the cocoa butter is properly melted.
2 - Check that the temperature is T1.
3 - Temper the required amount of couverture, making sure that you always have some warm couverture in reserve.
4 - Stir regularly and check that it is at setting temperature T2.
5 - Stop cooling the mass and immediately raise the temperature to T3 by:
- adding warm couverture at T1
- warming it in a bain-marie
- warming it in a microwave oven (400/500 W max, so as not to burn it)
6 - Check that the couverture is at working temperature T3 and stir regularly to ensure that the temperature, and thus setting, is evenly distributed.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract.
May contains traces of nuts, egg proteins and gluten.

Composition: sugar 32% - milk 33% - fat 43%

Storage: To best preserve the qualities of Valrhona chocolate, store in a dry, dark place at 10-16°C


Just to try
Ekaterina S. le 10/10/2022 haven't tried it yet, but know it works also very well, the best pastry-chefs in the world are working with it, it just can´t be bad..
Très bon
Chantal H. le 25/08/2017 ....
Stéphane D. le 11/04/2020 Très bon chocolat blanc.
Opalys 33% chocolat blanc de couverture Création Gourmande
Chantal M. le 21/04/2020 Pas encore utilisé. Produit bien emballé. Quantité intéressante.
Veronique P. le 27/10/2019 Parfait chocolat blanc pour les dessert. Pas sucré et d’une très belle couleur

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