Orelys 35% blond chocolate with muscovado beans 3 kg





Orelys 35% blond chocolate beans, Gourmet Creation.
Pure cocoa butter
Licorice and Creamy.

Thanks to its muscovado sugar, Orelys’ natural color is flecked with glimmers of golden brown, making for an irresistible invitation to sensory discoveries… This chocolate’s sweet gourmet freshness is clear from the very first bite thanks to its classic licorice aromatic notes which are later complemented by hints of biscuit.

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Orelys 35% blond chocolate with muscovado beans 3 kg - Average rating: 10 - Best rating: 10 - Number of reviews: 3

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- Ganache chocolate: yes
- Coating: possible
- Molding: yes
- Ganache patisserie: yes
- Mousse: yes
- Sauce: yes
- Ice cream and sorbets: yes
- Chocolat drink: yes
- Decoration: yes
- Glaze: yes
- Cream: yes

Tempering gragh: Melting T1 (45/48°C or 113/118°F) -> Crystallisation T2 (26/27°C or 79/81°F) -> Working T3 (28/29°C or 82/84°F)

Tempering technique (by l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat):
1 - Melt the couverture for 12 hours in order to ensure that the cocoa butter is properly melted.
2 - Check that the temperature is T1.
3 - Temper the required amount of couverture, making sure that you always have some warm couverture in reserve.
4 - Stir regularly and check that it is at setting temperature T2.
5 - Stop cooling the mass and immediately raise the temperature to T3 by:
- adding warm couverture at T1
- warming it in a bain-marie
- warming it in a microwave oven (400/500 W max, so as not to burn it)
6 - Check that the couverture is at working temperature T3 and stir regularly to ensure that the temperature, and thus setting, is evenly distributed.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, whole milk powder, unrefined dark muscovado sugar, brown sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla.
May contains traces of nuts, egg proteins and gluten.

Composition: sugar 42% - milk 33% - fat 45%

Storage: To best preserve the qualities of Valrhona chocolate, store in a dry, dark place at 10-16°C


Alexandra C. le 08/11/2019 ras
Zain K. le 12/11/2018 These are extraordinary chocolates and they arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommend.
Gabriella P. le 11/03/2021 Il livre exactement ce qu'on attend d'un chocolat blond, gout caramélisé, biscuité

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