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  • Pastry, chocolate, confectionery and ice cream

    Specialized books on baking, chocolate, confectionery and ice cream to offer, to improve or discover new culinary practices.

  • Bakery, pastry and sandwich

    Do you want to discover the world of bakery and sandwich shop? Opt for a book written by professionals.

  • Catering and banquets

    Achieve the best reception is considerable work. Tips, tricks, recipes, decorations, ... to discover in our selection of catering and banquet books.

  • Cooking

    This category offers a wide range of cooking equipment. Stainless steel saucepans, hob, oven dish, …

  • Cocktails, wines and spirits

    Learn how to use alcohol through your kitchen and also accompaniments. Surprise your guests by creating amazing cocktails, combining the best wines to dishes or adding a touch in your recipes.

  • Professional training

    Do you want to become a professional in the food industry? Opt for reading our selection of vocational training books.