Discover all our professional food for the pastry: couverture chocolates, dry fruits, pralines, fruit purees, flavors, colours, food additives, basic ingredients, exceptional vanilla pods, …


  • Chocolates

    To work or eat, discover our selection of professional chocolates: chocolate couvertures, tablets, …

  • Nuts

    A variety of nuts that sublimate your sweet recipes: pralines, giandujas, almond paste, pistachio paste and many more... Packages designed for amateurs and professionals.

  • Fruits

    Fruit purees, candied fruits, dried fruits or syrups, find here all fruit products for pastry.

  • Flavours

    Food flavorings personalize your culinary creations. Our selection of food flavors will beautify your best recipes: aromatic waters, vanilla, coffee, classic flavors to the most amazing.

  • Food colourings

    To bring color to your baked goods, food colors selected by Labo&Gato are perfect. A variety of choices: gel colors, 100% natural liquid, powder, metallic, spray, …

  • Ingredients

    For a successful pastry, quality commodity is paramount. Our range of pastry ingredients offers products for professionals and amateurs: flours and starches, improvers, gelling agents, baking powders, egg products and many other you must have.

  • Additives

    See our choice of food additives specifically designed to baking: pectins, cream of tartar, agar, egg white powder, ...

  • Vanilla and spices

    Find a selection of the best vanilla and spices to sublimate your sweet ou salted recipes.

  • Confectionery

    Nougat from Montelimar, Calissons of Aix-en-Provence, Guinettes, Sarment du Médoc, … Quality handicrafts to offer, enjoy or simply have fun.

  • Professional alcohols

    For bakery, pastry and catering, Labo&Gato offers a selection of spirits from distillery Wolfberger Kuhri: rum, kirsch, aromatic extracts, …

  • World food

    Cook flavors from around the world using our product selection. Yuzu juice, black sesame paste, Amarena, matcha tea and many others.

  • Fresh products

    This category lists the best fresh products essential for baking. Tested and approved brands! Yeast "L'hirondelle", layering butter "Lescure", pasteurized egg whites, puff pastry "François".

  • Ariake bouillons, culinary bases and fonds

    To bring a unique flavor to your recipes, broth, juice or funds are paramount. Discover the best on the subject with the Ariake products.

  • Fonds de biscuits prêts à garnir
  • Cafés