About Labo&Gato

Pastry Products and Classes

Labo&Gato was born in 2011 from the will of two brothers to make the world of pastry accessible. Damien is trained cook and officiated several years in restaurant pastry, Lucas is from the middle of the food and cultivates a real passion for food science. 

Their idea is simple: provide both personal and professional equipment and products for baking, with a work of repackaging to suit everyone. As pastry is not a case about, Labo&Gato had the idea to propose pastry workshops for all levels to become familiar in usability, with technical and professional products. 

The bet is successful and the company is expanding over the years. 

Today Labo&Gato is: 

- 16.000 references to catalog 

- 3.000 references in permanent stock 

- Several shops in France: Bordeaux, Toulouse and more to come! 

- The best brands offered 

- A partnership with Valrhona and Matfer 

- All proposed world: food for baking, cooking equipment and pastry, single use, decoration and Cake decorating, bookstore, ... 

- International website 

- Hundreds of orders processed daily 

- An efficient order preparation process and a dedication to deliver anywhere in France within 24 hours.

Labo&Gato in Bordeaux

Boutique labo&gato à Bordeaux - Furnitures for baking and cooking

labo&gato à Bordeaux - pastry tools and equipment

Boutique de matériel pâtisserie labo&gato à Bordeaux - pastry tools and equipment

Labo et gato à Bordeaux - professional baking supplies

Labo&Gato in Toulouse

Boutique labo&gato à Toulou, professional baking supplies

Labo&Gato : professional baking supplies

Boutique labo&gato à Toulouse, professional baking supplies

labo et gato à Toulouse, cake baking supplies