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Velvet spray lime 250 mL





This new colored spray from Silikomart gives your pastries a velvet effect, for a neat and delicate finish. It is applied to frozen products (desserts, mousses, ice creams, etc.) as soon as the cold weather comes out.

Warning: aerosol containing extremely flammable propellant gases, keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, sunlight and any other source of ignition.


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Ingredients: cocoa butter, colorants *, propellant gases (E943a, E944, E943b)
May contain traces of milk and soy.

* orange: E170, E110
* white: E170
* yellow: E104*, E102*
* brown: E172
* pink: E170, E122*
* red: E129*, E172
* green: E104*, E102*, E133*
* black: E172
* light blue: E170, E133*
* lime: E102*, E133*
* light brown: E172
* cherry red: E129*, E172
* fuchsia pink: E170, E120
* white chocolate: E170, E101
* purple: E170, E101, E133

Use :
* Use only between 25°C and 35°C max (liquid cocoa butter).
* Shake well before and during application
* Spray evenly at about 30 - 50 cm from the frozen preparation, by light pressure on the nozzle for a thin and homogeneous layer
* Use the spray as vertically as possible
* Clean the nozzle with warm water after use
* Leave to dry and repeat the operation if necessary
* Let the food dry for 1 hour before consuming it
* Maximum: 35 g of spray / kg of finished product.

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